Professional Industries That Need More Women To Join Them

It can be a difficult world for women – and it can be even harder for women who are trying to break into specific industries and niches. Thankfully, there are certain professions that are looking for women and need women in ways that make it inevitable that the women who work there will be treated well, paid well, and respected when they are in the workforce. For many women, this is a life changing thing.

Now, that isn’t to say that there aren’t places in these industries for men, nor that women cannot go into other professions. These are just the industries where women have specific skill sets or abilities that most men do not have – everything is up for argument, however.

If you are looking to break into a new profession, or you are just interested in learning about the plight of women in professional spaces, here are some interesting areas to look at:

Surrogacy & Building Families

There are some services that only women can provide – and that includes becoming a surrogate and helping to build families in such a delicate way. Surrogates mothers help to provide an essential service that so many women cannot do themselves – and so many couples cannot do. If you are a woman who has already had children of your own, and you do not want anymore, you may want to look into becoming a surrogate mother in Las Vegas, NV or wherever is closest to your area. 

This is the type of work that not every woman can do – it takes a special woman who is willing to give a very special gift.

Physicians and Surgeons

Many hospitals and local practices are looking for women who can treat patients. Part of this is because the number of women in this field continues to be lower, but also because women like to be treated by other women. If you go to get into any general practice with a woman doctor, it is difficult to get onto the client list. If you are looking to go into the medical field, now might be your best time to open your own practice – especially in suburban and rural areas.

Women are becoming increasingly educated – and this is one of the areas they are going into now and into the future.

Marketing & Advertising

Women are among the most important consumers in our country, and we need to learn how to appeal to them. That is why so many women are looking to enter into marketing and advertising. Only other women know how to reach out and help these companies touch women in a way that makes them want to spend their hard earned money. At the same time, women tend to be more abreast of pop culture and trends that will work in social media marketing, which is emerging as the preeminent form of marketing.

This is a fantastic professional field to join and it is good that it is no longer the “boy’s club.”


Similarly to doctors, there are many women who seek to find a psychologist to help them with their personal traumas or sorting out their personal dilemmas – and they cannot find women psychologists However, there are many women who are in school for this type of work, so the future does look bright. Even so, we are getting more comfortable talking about mental health and more people are seeking out doctors, so more psychologists, therapists, and healers will be needed into the future.

Remember that this is a lot of emotional labor as well – it is something to consider as you move forward.


Many of the professions on this list go back to areas where women are seeking more help and they look to women for that help. The same thing can be said of the legal industry – women feel more comfortable talking to other women about topics relating to child custody, divorce, and more. Lawyers help people through some of the most difficult times of their lives – which makes women the perfect choice for this profession.

These are just a few options – remember that there are no fields that women are not needed in – they hold important spaces everywhere. These are just some of the industries that we decided to highlight because they are looking for women right now.

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