People Still Don’t Know A Lot About These 5 Things…

As a species, humans are among some of the smartest creatures on the planet…at least some of us are. Even so, there are some things that there is a collective misunderstanding about – and these are things that we encounter on a daily basis. While it doesn’t fundamentally change our lives not to know about them, it is a bit annoying to people who do have to know about that.

Egg donor & Surrogacy

Now, of course we all get things wrong and we all cannot be perfect in everything. However, there are some things that need to be set straight. While there are so many options, here are just 5 that you should start learning more about:

Surrogacy & Egg Donors

There are still a lot of people in the world who don’t quite understand what surrogacy and egg donation is – even though it is quite simple. Many people think that surrogacy includes a man sleeping with a woman other than his wife in order to get her pregnant so that he and his wife can raise the baby – this isn’t the case. In surrogacy, a woman is medically impregnated with an embryo and then she can carry the baby for the Intended Parents. Sometimes, the embryo will be from the Intended Parents, but sometimes it is not. Some couples will use sperm donors and egg donors for various reasons.

Even so, it is typically not the surrogate mother who gives the eggs to create the embryo – the child she carries has no genetic relationship to her at all.

For more information about becoming a Surrogate or an Egg Donor, contact

Eggs Aren’t Baby Chickens

Speaking of eggs, let’s think about the ones that you eat. There are so many people who still think that the yolk of an egg is a baby chicken that never fully formed – this is wrong. The eggs that we eat are actually unfertilized, which means there is no chance that a chicken is in that egg. Do mistakes happen? It’s possible, but not likely. In fact, most of the eggs that we eat have no chance of being fertilized since the hens have absolutely no way to meet a rooster to fertilize that egg.

There are some cultures and countries that do eat fertilized eggs, like balut, a traditional food from the Philippines. 

Now, you probably don’t want to think about what you are eating in that much detail, but it is something to think about when you are determining what to fit into your diet.

You Probably Aren’t Saying That Right…

There are some phrases that people just tend to get wrong, no matter what. There are some phrases that are wrong by themselves (you put your better foot forward, not your best foot. You only have two feet.) Irregardless isn’t a word either (though most people do understand it as a word). If you don’t care about something, it is something you couldn’t care less about, not that you could care less about it.

Here are a few other phrases most people say wrong.

The World Actually *Does* Revolve Around You

The world, at least as you see it, does revolve around you. The interesting thing about psychology is that no one sees the world in the same way – so the world does revolve around you. However, it also revolves around everyone else just as much as it does you.

While you probably heard this phrase as a teenager, there is little truth about it. For each of us, we are the centers of our own worlds, even if we have devoted spouses or children. We can really only control the actions that we make, so we are the crux for how our worlds operate.

Public Libraries Are For More Than Just Books

Many people think that libraries are dying because the only reason to go to one is to rent out a book, but that isn’t the case. Public libraries are also cultural centers with classes and events, offer people access to newspapers and computers, and can provide entertainment. Some libraries are thriving because they are learning how to mold to the times and still offer books, DVDs, games, and more.

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